Investing in the Future : Supporting Midwifery Practice, Research and Education (Proceeding International Webinar)

Penulis: Miranie Safaringga (Penulis yang mewakili)


Bahasa: Indonesia

Cetakan: Pertama, 2023

Jumlah Halaman: 398 halaman

Ukuran Buku: A4


Sinopsis :

The purposes of the conference are to increase knowledge about the implementation of the continuity of care midwifery service model, improve self-competence in midwifery research and develop midwifery theory and issues in providing comprehensive midwifery care. Midwives are recognized as professionals responsible for establishing partnerships with women. Partnerships are formed for prevention, promotion of normal births, detection of complications in mothers and children,  access  to  medical  care  or  other  appropriate  assistance,  as  well  as  early  action  in emergency situations.

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