Prosiding Book The 1st International Conference Of Public Health and Community Medicine (ICOPHCOM)

Penulis: Sevilla Ukhtil Huvaid


Bahasa: Indonesia

Cetakan: Pertama, 2023

Jumlah Halaman:  142 halaman

Ukuran Buku: A4


Sinopsis :

International Conference of Public Health and Community Medicine (ICoPhCoM) is the first international conference held by Public Health Doctoral Study Program Andalas University. I hope thie events will be conitiniously held in the future. This conference is very important forstudy programs and doctoral students in Public Health, lecturers, and alumni as a forum forsharing renewable scientific information.
On be half of Andalas University Leader, may It han keach of our speakers for taking part in this event – the quality and calibre of our speakers are out standing.
My appreciation and gratitude to the Dean and Head of Public Health Doctoral Study Program for facilitating this conference. In the context of the 66th anniversary of Andalas University and improving the academic atmosphere in the doctoral public health study program.


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